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  1. Planning for Life After High School: Key Resources FAQ

    If you’re wondering how you might navigate attaining your 4-year degree, you aren’t alone! The good news is that there are many organizations in Virginia that can help you before, during and after your academic work. The Virginia College Access Network (VirginiaCAN) serves as a “hub” for many programs in the state.

    What is the Virginia College Network?

    PMP - September 21, 2021

  2. Transfer Steps_Credit for Prior Learning

    Use this document to learn about credit for prior learning (also known as prior learning assessment ).

    What is Credit for Prior Learning?

    PMP - September 22, 2021

  3. Transfer Steps_Explore Your Options_Select a College

    The link to this worksheet is available for you to download. It is under List of Attachments in the box to your right.

    PMP - September 22, 2021

  4. Transfer Steps_Explore Your Options_Career Exploration Worksheet

    The link to this worksheet is available for you to download. It is under List of Attachments in the box to your right.

    PMP - September 22, 2021

  5. Transfer Steps_How Transfer Credits are Evaluated

    Use this document to learn how your previous academic work transfers to your new college or university.

    Colleges and universities generally accept transfer credit from your previous studies and apply the credit to general education courses, electives and courses required in your major. Criteria institutions typically include:


    PMP - September 22, 2021

  6. Academic Planning_Order AP Scores

    Read this document to learn the steps for requesting Advanced Placement (AP) scores.

    1. Create/Log-in to your College Board Account. Unofficial scores are available online anytime. 

    2. Choose your college. After setting up your account, choose the institutions you’d like to receive your scores. Be sure to check the mailing address(es) for institutions you’re considering to ensure the scores are mailed to the correct addresses.

    PMP - September 28, 2021

  7. Academic Planning_Stem vs Non Stem

    The link to this worksheet is available for you to download. It is under List of Attachments in the box to your right.

    PMP - September 28, 2021

  8. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Admission Interview

    Colleges and universities do not generally offer admission interviews. In the event you select a college that does offer an interview, review this document for tips on achieving a successful one.

    • Admission representatives will likely focus on your interests, experiences, academic work, and extracurricular activities.

    • You will want to have a sense of what questions you may be asked, and to prepare yourself for providing answers to them. Such questions may include:

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  9. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Creating a Personal Statement

    Read this document to learn about tips for developing a personal statement related to your academic pursuits.

    Colleges and universities may request a personal statement as part of your college application. Generally, the statement is open-ended, allowing you to decide what information to include. If you’re unsure about what to write, you might consider these questions:

    • Was there a particular experience in your life that inspired you to continue your education?

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  10. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Freshman vs. Transfer Admission

    Read this document to learn the differences between freshman vs. transfer admission.

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  11. Enrollment/Admission Planning_International Students

    Read this document to learn about entering college as an international student. 

    International students 

    If you’re an international student, your home country may be in North America, such as Canada or Mexico, or it may be in Europe, Asia, Africa, or other continents. 

    Freshman International Students

    You are considered a freshman in the U.S. if you have not completed college work in your home country or elsewhere in the U.S.

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  12. Transfer Steps_Prepare to Transfer_Pack Your Bags

    Read this document to plan your packing for college.

    If you’re planning to live on campus (in a residence hall or apartment) or off-campus, you’re likely to need the following items:

    • Bedding, including sheets, pillows, comforter, mattress pad/cover

    • Towels, washcloths

    • Clothes and clothes hangers

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  13. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Tips for Military/Veteran Students

    Review this document to learn more about entering college as a member or former member of the military.

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  14. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Transfer Fair Navigation

    Read this document to learn about tips for navigating a Transfer Fair.

    • Find Transfer Events. Transfer fairs are held at 2-year colleges for students who are interested in completing bachelor’s programs. They are also held at 4-year colleges and universities for students who are considering those institutions. You will be able to find them during fall and spring semesters.

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  15. Enrollment/Admission Planning_Values List

    Check out this list of values to help you explore what’s important to you in your career planning.

    PMP - September 29, 2021

  16. Financial Planning_Cutting College Costs

    Review this document for a list of ways to cut college costs.

    PMP - September 30, 2021

  17. Student Resources_Building a Support Network

    Read this document to learn about building a support network.

    Making the transition to college (or from one college to another) can be challenging. Developing and nurturing support networks (and being a part of others' support networks), can contribute to a smooth transition. Some tips that may help you during this process include the following:

    PMP - September 30, 2021

  18. Student Resources_Connect With Campus Worksheet

    The link to this worksheet is available for you to download. It is under List of Attachments in the box to your right.

    Review the institutional profile and explore the institutional website to learn about the student services and campus resources available to you. Document your findings on this worksheet.

    PMP - September 30, 2021

  19. Student Resources_First Generation Student Support

    Review this document to gain tips for first-generation students.

    Who are First-Generation (First-Gen) Students?

    Generally, you’re considered a first-generation college student if you’re the first in your family to attend (or complete) college. Some colleges may have different definitions for first-gen students, such as those whose parents did not attend college but whose siblings did attend college. 

    What are Some Tips for First-Gen Students?

    PMP - September 30, 2021

  20. Student Resources_Transferring During A Pandemic

    Read this document to gain tips for transferring during a pandemic.

    1. Check admission requirements at colleges you’re interested in. Due to the pandemic and its evolving impact, some colleges have temporarily changed admissions criteria. 

    2. Check the transfer policies at the college(s) you’re considering. In addition to checking the standard transfer policies, check for temporary and modified transfer policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    PMP - September 30, 2021