Academic Planning_Order AP Scores
Academic Planning_Order AP Scores
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Academic Planning_Order AP Scores

Academic Planning_Order AP Scores

Read this document to learn the steps for requesting Advanced Placement (AP) scores.

  1. Create/Log-in to your College Board Account. Unofficial scores are available online anytime. 

  2. Choose your college. After setting up your account, choose the institutions you’d like to receive your scores. Be sure to check the mailing address(es) for institutions you’re considering to ensure the scores are mailed to the correct addresses.

  3. Press “send”. After selecting your institution(s), confirm the details and place the order. Save the order confirmation for your records.

  4. Confirm receipt. Typically, orders are processed within 14 days. Be sure to follow up with your institution(s) to confirm receipt of your scores. Remember that with an activated online account, you can view your scores online anytime!

Next Steps: Include a copy of your Advanced Placement (AP) scores in your portal account. Then, check how each of your scores will transfer to your desired institution.

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