Prepare To Transfer
Prepare To Transfer
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Prepare To Transfer

Transfer Steps

We're Glad You're Here!

Begin your transfer journey with these steps! Completing the steps creates a path to success - and your degree.

Start by setting up an account in the portal and building your portfolio and profile. You will then be able to take advantage of this portal to plan and manage your entire academic and transfer journey.

Explore Your Options

Soak up all the information you can on transfer credit, colleges, majors, future careers, and more, as well as how they all work together.

Tell your Story
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Build your portfolio using the My Story functions in your Transfer Virginia portal account. Once you do, you can easily use it to evaluate your college credits, explore career pathways, and identify resources.

Careers and Majors
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Transferring from one school to another isn't just about earning a degree. It is also about connecting your education to your long-term plans. Sign into your account and explore your interests through the Programs & Courses and Transfer Tools - Where Can My Major Transfer portal features.

Guidance worksheets are available for Career Exploration and Major Exploration.

Colleges and Universities
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With over 60 colleges and universities in Virginia, you have lots of options. Research the 2-year and 4-year school profiles , visit their websites, and search for degree programs . A guidance worksheet is available for exploring your 2-year and 4-year college options and finding the combination right for you.

Transfer Opportunities
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Take advantage of the resources in the Transfer Virginia portal, including Guaranteed Transfer Agreements, the Passport and Uniform Certificate of General Studies programs, and transfer guides. Explore your Transfer Opportunities through the Resource Center by searching keywords such as Transfer Access, Agreements, Degrees, General Studies, or Passport.

Get Advice

There are advisors and counselors eager to help you succeed. Campus resource staff members are available to help with academic, career, financial, and transfer planning.

Connect with Campus Resources
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Your campus advising professionals, transfer and career centers, and student service offices are available for guidance.
There are many ways to connect with staff at each college:

Guidance worksheets are available for Preparing for a College Visit or for an Advising Appointment.

Pay for College
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Higher education is an investment. Research your tuition, fees, and financial assistance options. What does it cost me to attend college? Use Cost Calculators available in the profile of each transfer partner to find out.

What does it cost to finish my major if I already have work done?
Log into your portal account, build your portfolio, explore programs using Programs & Courses or Transfer Tools - Where Can My Major Transfer and view the Cost To Complete.
What are the hidden costs of college?
What are the different types of loans, financial aid, and scholarships available to me?
What questions should I ask my financial aid office?

Many resources related to paying for college are available in the Resource Center.
Guidance documents and worksheets are available for you to learn about Sources of Financial Assistance, Budgeting for College, Loans, and Cutting Costs while you're enrolled in college among other financial information topics.

Independent Research
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A wealth of information is available to you. Access the Transfer Resource Center, SCHEV Data Points, Institutional Profiles, or contact the institution directly.

Make Decisions

Start making decisions about your path forward.
A decision log and guidance worksheet are available for decision making related to academic programs.

Decide on an Industry or Career
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Connecting your career goals to your academic plan will result in a more streamlined experience, saving you time and money. If you need more information, you can explore your interests through the Program & Courses and Transfer Tools - Discover my Future portal features. A guidance worksheet is available for Career Exploration

Narrow Down your College Choices
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Virginia is home to over 60 colleges and universities. Narrow down your options by creating a list of 2-year and 4-year colleges that are right for you. Share your interest with those colleges through College Connect after logging into your Transfer Virginia Portal account. If you need to explore further, return to Explore your College Options above.

Identify & Compare Programs
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Colleges offer hundreds of different majors for you to consider. Determine which 4-year programs you are interested in and identify which associate degree will best prepare you for that program. Log into your portal account to compare the program requirements at multiple colleges. If you need to explore further, return to Explore your Majors Options. Guidance worksheets are available for Comparing Academic Programs.

Determine your Transfer Date
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Students who earn their associate degree prior to transferring are more successful in earning a bachelor's degree. Determine which semester you will complete your associate degree and which semester you will transfer to your 4-year school. The next step is to Create a Plan. By completing an academic plan and building a transfer timeline, you can determine your transfer date.

Create A Plan

No two plans are alike. Build your personalized transfer plan, track your progress in the Transfer Virginia portal, and share with your advisor. Save time and money. A solid plan is key to your successful transfer!

Create a Completion Plan
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Design an academic plan that outlines your coursework, prerequisites, and degree and credit requirements to keep you on track so you will graduate on time.
A guidance document is available for building a schedule along with a worksheet designed to help you create an academic plan.

Build your Transfer Timeline
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Write a semester-by-semester timeline that includes admission application deadlines, application requirements, financial aid and scholarship steps, housing decisions, and other college requirements. Guidance worksheet available for Building a Transfer Timeline. Follow a Transfer Guide for a specific 4-year program so you take the best courses at the 2-year for a smooth transfer.

Prepare to Transfer

You've done the work. Now put your transfer plan into action!

Start your Application(s)
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You are ready to apply. Stay on track by following your Transfer Timeline.

    Complete the following from your timeline plan:
  • Apply for admission.Each college and university profile provides detailed information on admission requirements and links to applications.
  • Complete Guaranteed Admission requirements.
  • Apply for financial aid and local or college scholarships. Many resources are available in the Resource Center by searching keywords such as Financial Aid.
  • Visit a college open house or take a virtual college tour to see if it's a good fit for you in the long run. (Don't forget to try the food in the dining hall!) See scheduled transfer events here or request a visit by connecting to a college.
  • Take your SAT/ACT tests on time. Check your institution's requirements in the Institutional Profile.
Stay Focused
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As you make more decisions, update your story in the Transfer Virginia portal. The resources in your account are tailored to each stage of your academic journey.

    Finish what you started - your success depends on it!
  • Complete your courses with as much energy as you started them.
  • Watch your mailbox for acceptance letters.
  • Attend admitted freshman/transfer days to learn more about the school before you commit.
  • Make your final decision.
  • Guidance worksheets are available for making your College Decision
Pack your bags!
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You did it, you have chosen a college and you are ready to transfer. Just a few more important steps.

  • Commit to your 4-year college and make a deposit.
  • Complete housing and food plan selections and submit deposits.
  • Make plans to attend a transfer orientation/registration event at your new college.
  • Take any required placement tests.
  • Submit final transcripts to the college.
  • Register for your first semester of classes.
  • Locate the 4-year student checklist for your to-do list and guidance on what to pack.
  • A guidance worksheet is available for the Pack Your Bags Checklist
Congratulations - you made it!

We're Glad You're Here!

By setting up an account in the Transfer Virginia portal, you'll be able plan and manage your entire academic and transfer journey.

Benefits of Creating an Account:
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  • Compile your academic course history in one place and keep it safe.
  • Combine coursework from multiple colleges and educational providers.
  • Compare transferability using course and program equivalencies.
  • Share your academic course history with colleges that interest you.
  • Build relationships by connecting to your college's admission and academic advisors.
What's the Difference Between Transfer Virginia and Credits2Careers?
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Transfer Virginia and Credits2Careers are connected portals that support your educational journey. Your account and portfolio in one portal are available in the other. All of your data and all of the tools and planning features are available to you, regardless of which portal you access.

If you are a high school, 2-year college or even a 4-year degree student looking to use transfer as an option to achieve your degree goals, use Transfer Virginia.

If you are focused on getting or preparing for a certification or completing a certificate or an associate degree that you need, to be employed or get a better job, use Credits2Careers. However, you can use your Credits2Careers account to log into Transfer Virginia and explore transfer options for that 2-year degree you may be planning to complete.