Benefits of a Transfer Virginia Account
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  • Compile your academic course history in one place and keep it safe.
  • Combine coursework from multiple colleges and educational providers.
  • Compare transferability using course and program equivalencies.
  • Share your academic course history with colleges that interest you.
  • Build relationships by connecting to your college's admissions and academic advisors.
What's the Difference Between Transfer Virginia and Credits2Careers?
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Transfer Virginia and Credits2Careers are connected portals that support your education journey. Your account in one portal is available in the other. Coming soon: Your portfolio in one portal will also be available in the other so that you can seamlessly continue your planning and exploring in either portal.

If you are a high school, 2-year college or even a 4-year degree student looking to use transfer as an option to achieve your degree goals, use Transfer Virginia.

If you are focused on getting or preparing for a certification or complete a certificate or an Associates degree that you need, to be employed or get a better job, use Credits2Careers. However, even in Credits2Careers, you can explore transfer options for that 2-year degree that you may be planning to complete.

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