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Check All My Credits
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Check All My Credits

You can build a short list (up to 5 items) of your prior learning and experience credentials - college courses, examinations such as AP, CLEP, etc., certifications, military experience and training, etc. - and then click on Check My Credits to get an estimate of credits that you may be awarded by our Transfer Partner institutions to apply towards a program at that institution.This feature requires cookies to be enabled in your browser.

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Add courses you have taken at other colleges or universities. You can then see the transfer credit you may be awarded by clicking on Check My Credits.

  • First, select the institution-start typing and select from the list provided. If your institution is not shown, you can enter its complete name.
  • Then enter the Course ID or Course Title. Start typing and select from the list shown. If your course is not on the list, you can finish entering it.

Required fields are marked by a black asterisk, but you can add more information in other fields. The "results" tab will have a check mark if your course is linked in the Portal.

If you have courses that do not result in credits, they will be included in the Non-Evaluated Credentials section. You should contact the institution or, if you have an account, use College Connect to have them evaluate these credentials for possible credit.

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If you choose to Grant (Enable) access, Employers with accounts on the application will be able to search for and find you using your unique attributes.

If you do not choose to Grant (Enable) access employers will not be able to search for or find you in the system. You will still be able to search for Employers and Apply for relevant jobs (if the Employer has included an application link).

Current Portfolio

Your list is currently empty. Please select a credential type above, fill in the required details and click on Add to My List to build this list. You can add up to 10 items. We use cookies to store this list in your browser for 5 days. If you create an account using the same browser, this list will be automatically added to the Portfolio in your account.