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Read this document to learn about tips for navigating a Transfer Fair.

  • Find Transfer Events. Transfer fairs are held at 2-year colleges for students who are interested in completing bachelor’s programs. They are also held at 4-year colleges and universities for students who are considering those institutions. You will be able to find them during fall and spring semesters.

  • Approach the Table. Don’t be afraid to talk to the college representative. Make eye contact, introduce yourself, let them see your face, and tell them about yourself. Remain engaged with the rep - this is your opportunity to leave a positive impression on your future institution.

  • Get Information. Ask your “burning” questions and take notes. This is an opportunity to get information from a source who is familiar with transfer students and with the institution you may attend.

  • Consider your Options. Be sure to speak to representatives from your first, second, and third choice colleges/universities. 

  • Resist the “comfy” temptation. Trade sweats and pajamas for clothes that will leave a good impression on the representative.

  • Follow-up! College representatives may not be able to answer all your questions on the spot at the transfer fair. Be sure to collect contact information and follow up sooner, rather than later.

Next Steps: Consult with advisors to learn about upcoming fairs and other transfer-related events. Prepare for transfer fairs by reviewing institutional profile(s) and admission requirements.

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