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Student Resources_Transferring During A Pandemic

Student Resources_Transferring During A Pandemic

Read this document to gain tips for transferring during a pandemic.

  1. Check admission requirements at colleges you’re interested in. Due to the pandemic and its evolving impact, some colleges have temporarily changed admissions criteria. 

  2. Check the transfer policies at the college(s) you’re considering. In addition to checking the standard transfer policies, check for temporary and modified transfer policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  3. Use the Transfer Portal tool to ensure that your credits transfer.

  4. Sanitation is important! Be diligent in cleaning and sanitizing your space.

  5. Practice self-care. The pandemic has impacted all of society, so it is important to take care of yourself.

  6. Check institutional protocols. Familiarize yourself with COVID-related procedures and protocols.

  • What are the protocols in place at your institution?

    • Testing Centers (on campus or close to campus)

    • Sanitation and cleaning

    • Tracking and reporting

    • Outbreak/Resurgence plan?

    • Social distancing and masking protocols

  • Transferring in/out protocols

    • Ordering transcripts

    • Housing

    • Meals/Dining

    • Refunds/Disbursement 

  • Technology Requirements/Instruction

  • Roommate selection protocols

  • Housing protocols (closing and opening schedule)

  • Alternative semester dates

    • Starting late/early

    • Alternative schedule

    • Return/Exit campus precautions

  1. Remember to be diligent and know your health needs. 

  2. Have a personal COVID plan.

Next steps: Keep track of changes in the pandemic and how you respond to those changes. Check in with your advisor to learn of admission, enrollment and other requirements and deadlines related to the pandemic.

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