Enrollment/Admission Planning_Tips for Military/Veteran Students
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Enrollment/Admission Planning_Tips for Military/Veteran Students

Enrollment/Admission Planning_Tips for Military/Veteran Students

Review this document to learn more about entering college as a member or former member of the military.

Active duty members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces have access to certain benefits, both from the U.S. Government and from individual institutions across the country. Active duty military members may be eligible for tuition coverage for undergraduate degree programs through their command. Veterans may access the G.I. Bill for tuition and related expenses. If you are--or were--a member of the military, the following key elements may be important in your college enrollment.

Syllabi and Other Course/Training Documentation/Transcripts

You are encouraged to maintain and access copies of syllabi and other training documentation you have from your military career. Many classes you took may count toward your college requirements. The Department of Defense offers official transcripts, the Joint Services Transcript (JST), that will help advisors and faculty determine whether your work/training will transfer to meet academic requirements.

Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides assistance to veterans who wish to begin or return to college. A counselor can work with you to determine your eligibility for certain educational benefits.


The Defense Department issues to each veteran a DD-214, identifying the veteran's condition of discharge. You may need this when applying for G.I. Bill benefits.

Military Offices at Colleges and Universities

Check to see if your institution has an office that assists active duty military and veterans with admission, transfer credit, registration, tuition, billing, and other academic or administrative matters.

Next steps: Meet with an advisor or a representative in the office of military student support who can help you with admission, enrollment and other services.

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