Program Details
Program Details
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Program Details

Program Credit Requirements
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Credit and Course Requirements for the Program are expected in a release during 2023

If you wish to see how your credits may apply, you can:
  • Contact the institution where a staff member can help you map your credits to the requirements for this program.
  • View the program requirements listed in the institution's catalog.
If you are interested in the cost of attending this institution, please visit the institution's cost page to review costs
Program Overview & Guidance
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Program Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Considerations for Selecting Degree
Considerations When Selecting Courses

  • Create a schedule for all required courses, pay attention to prerequisites and when courses are offered, complete your first math and English courses in your first year
  • Connect with an advisor at your community college and N/A within your first year via College Connect
Program Requirements Beyond Specific Courses
Doing More With Your Degree
Program Successes & Highlights
What If I Have An Associate Degree Or Credit For Prior Learning?
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Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Associate Transfer Degree Completion

Completion of Associate Degree Concurrent with High School
Credit for Prior Learning
Did You Know That...
  • Completing your Associate transfer degree post-high school satisfies all lower division general education requirements and increases the chance of completing your bachelor's degree?
  • Exceeding 3 years or 90 credits at your community college means you may have exhausted your financial aid at that college and have limited your future financial aid at: N/A
College Level Information
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College Fit Guidance What You Need to Know
Is This College Right For Me?
Transfer Student Catalog Year
First Year Student Catalog Year
Applying for Guaranteed Admissions
Where Can This Degree Transfer
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This section displays degrees most closely related to this program and to which you may be able to transfer. So, you can use this list to find the next degree you can complete in your major. Please click the degree name to visit that program page.
Institution Title Degree Award Name Award Level Delivery Mode
Careers Where This Degree Applies
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This program could not be matched to any related careers. Please contact the institution for assistance with matching this program to careers.