Transfer Steps_Appealing Transfer Credits
Transfer Steps_Appealing Transfer Cred ..
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Transfer Steps_Appealing Transfer Credits

Transfer Steps_Appealing Transfer Credits

Use this document to learn how you can appeal the transfer credit evaluation completed at your college or university.

Colleges and universities generally accept transfer credit from your previous institutions and apply the credit to general education courses, electives and courses required in your major. If you believe the evaluation of your credits was not completed correctly, you may have the option of appealing the decision. The appeal process will differ from one college to the next, so you will want to check with your advisor about details related to your college’s process. Generally, you will need the following:

Course Description/Syllabus

The course description and syllabus you used when you took the course will give course evaluators a good understanding of the content covered; therefore, you will want to provide the syllabus to your advisor or to the office that conducts transfer evaluations. If the content aligns with a specific course at your current institution, you may receive credit for that course.

Assignments Completed

If necessary, faculty, advisors and/or course evaluators may benefit from seeing work you completed when you took the previous course. This will provide added information to evaluators who are conducting the appeal process.

Deadline Information

There may be deadlines related to the appeal process, so check with your advisor to understand timelines required for your appeal.

Next Steps: Consult with the admissions or transfer office--or with your advisor or faculty member--to discuss appealing your transfer credit evaluation. Submit course documentation to the appropriate office.

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