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Student Resources_Success With Technology

Student Resources_Success With Technology

Review this document to learn about tips for college success related to the use of technology.

What Technology Will You Need?

Generally, colleges and universities require students to use computers or other connected devices before, during and after enrollment. You will likely need to use software applications for the following:

  • Applying to college

  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Applying for housing, if applicable

  • Sending emails to faculty, staff and other students

  • Writing and saving papers for classes

  • Submitting forms and papers

  • Checking your email

  • Researching library holdings

  • Checking grades

  • Paying for parking services, if applicable

  • Other communications/actions, depending on your selected institution

What Else Might Be Required?

You will need to be able to create accounts, set up user IDs and passwords, operate a printer, and use other tools required by the institution you’re attending. 

What Help Can You Expect?

Typically, each college and university offers technology support to all students, faculty and staff. At many institutions, a Help Desk is available to you for any assistance you may need throughout your college career.

Next Steps: Research your selected institution to learn technology expectations for administrative purposes. When you begin classes, check with your instructors for guidance on technology required of you during each course.

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