Financial Planning_Hidden College Costs
Financial Planning_Hidden College Cost ..
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Financial Planning_Hidden College Costs

Financial Planning_Hidden College Costs

Review this document to learn about costs associated with college attendance.

Application & Entrance FeesĀ 

The cost of applying to multiple colleges can add up! You will pay for the college application, official transcripts, and official test scores, when applicable. In some cases, a fee is collected to reserve a space for new student orientation and course registration. Get the pre-enrollment costs by contacting your institution.

Relocation & Transportation

Moving for school can be costly, depending on the distance from home. Plan a budget for the college visit, moving personal belongings, travel during the school year, and emergency trips home.

Medical Needs & Health Expenses

Many colleges and universities require students to have health insurance or mandate the purchase of an institutional health insurance plan. In addition, many colleges offer limited healthcare services on campus. Plan a budget to cover the costs of on-campus or off-site medical visits.

Modern Comforts & Necessities

The cost of necessities such as hygiene products, medication, and clothing can add up. In addition, students may desire non-essentials such as streaming services and entertainment, money for leisure and socializing, or items to help make the new campus home more comfortable. Estimate the expenses and stick to a budget, as best you can.

Next Steps: To learn more about costs of attendance at your selected college, review the institutional profile. Contact your transfer institution for detailed information about tuition and fees. Financial preparation is crucial to your successful transfer.

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