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Financial Planning_Apply for Financial ..
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Financial Planning_Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Planning_Apply for Financial Aid

Read this document to learn how to apply for financial aid.

Federal Student Aid Identification (FSA ID)

Create a Federal Student Aid Identification. This allows you to become active in the information system, protect your account with a password and username, access the U.S. Department of Education, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and electronically sign documents.

Collect Records and Documents

For smooth application completion and faster processing time, have all of your documents ready prior to initiating the FAFSA. The FAFSA will require information such as social security number, identification information, tax information, income, and other financial information. If you are a dependent, your parents’ financial information will also be needed.

Complete the FAFSA

Completing the FAFSA will require personal information, institutional information, financial information, and signatures.

FAFSA Application Tips

  • Set aside time to complete the FAFSA.

  • Adhere to the FAFSA deadline

  • Double-check that you have submitted accurate information.

  • Monitor the status of your application and pay attention to notifications.

Next Steps: Review the institution’s website to learn about costs of attendance. Speak with a financial aid advisor at your current and/or selected college or with a GRASP counselor at your high school.

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