Enrollment/Admission Planning_College Checklists
Enrollment/Admission Planning_College ..
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Enrollment/Admission Planning_College Checklists

Enrollment/Admission Planning_College Checklists

Review this document to address the action items you will want to accomplish prior to and after arriving at your new college or university.

Prior to Arriving on Campus:

  • Complete final forms and applications

  • Be sure you have immunization documents available for the health center

  • Place a deposit on your admission to confirm your acceptance

  • Explore parking and transportation options and ensure you have parking available during the coming semester

  • Activate your new student account

  • Ensure you have housing on or off campus; pay deposits for your on-campus housing or off-campus apartment

  • Check with the Office of Educational Accessibility, if you require accommodations for your studies

  • Learn who your advisor is and where he/she/they are located

  • Confirm financial aid awards

After Arriving on Campus:

  • Attend welcome/new student activities

  • Submit final documents, as needed

  • Complete placement tests, if applicable

  • Review Student Handbook/Code of Conduct information

  • Obtain your student ID card

  • Ensure billing, financial aid, and other accounts are finalized for your first semester/year

  • Obtain textbooks, materials and supplies needed for your classes and housing

  • Confirm your course schedule for the first semester

  • Locate your classrooms for the first week of classes

  • Locate key office buildings for advising, registration, support services

  • Meet other students and enjoy your experiences!

Next steps: Check websites at your new college to confirm your status and to ensure you’ve completed all necessary actions to be successful.

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