Enrollment/Admission Planning_Breaking the Swirl
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Enrollment/Admission Planning_Breaking the Swirl

Enrollment/Admission Planning_Breaking the Swirl

Review this document to learn about the swirling transfer student.

What is the Swirler?

The term “swirler” describes an undergraduate student who transfers to and from several different colleges without earning a degree or credential. Rarely do “swirlers” move neatly between institutions. Often, this results in increased tuition expenses, an extended graduation timeline, duplication of coursework, excess credits, and in some cases, no credential. 

One reason for the swirling pattern can include unavoidable moves from one locality or state to another; other reasons might be poor institutional matches, financial difficulties, academic challenges, unsatisfactory transfer experiences, or a cycle of quitting and returning to college.

How to Break the Swirl

Students can break the swirl with an intentional and well-coordinated plan. Below are suggestions to break the swirl:

  • Follow a defined plan and build in a backup plan in case challenges arise.

  • Take advantage of Guaranteed Admission Agreements or Guaranteed Program Admission Agreements, which are designed for seamless transfers.

  • Identify and work closely with an advisor who has experience assisting with transfer students. Seek advice as often as you need. Participate in new freshman/transfer student activities to get critical information that will lead to a successful outcome. 

  • Begin researching your transfer destination as early as possible and visit the campus to ensure it is the best match for you.

Next Steps: Begin research by reviewing institutional profiles. Then, prepare for an advising appointment by creating an account and uploading your transfer documents to the portal.

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