Academic Planning_Preparing for a CLEP Test
Academic Planning_Preparing for a CLEP ..
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Academic Planning_Preparing for a CLEP Test

Academic Planning_Preparing for a CLEP Test

Read this document to learn about preparing for a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP), created by the College Board, includes standardized tests that measure how much you know about certain academic subjects, including composition and literature, world languages, history and social studies, science and mathematics, and business. Your success in one or more of these tests may allow you to earn credit for college class(es).

The following tips may help you succeed when you take CLEP tests:

  • Choose a subject you’re familiar with and interested in. This will give you a good start toward succeeding in your mastery of the material.

  • Review the exam description and test information. The CLEP website includes the following areas for each test:

    • Overview

    • Knowledge and skills required

    • Study resources (textbooks and online resources)

    • Score information

    • Optional purchase of study guides

  • Use “flash cards” to study concepts. They will help you learn concepts and their definitions so that you will recognize them on the test. Every time you run across an unfamiliar word in your studies, jot down the term and its definition on an index card. Then go through the flashcards a few times a day prior to taking the test.

  • Take a practice test from sites on the Internet. This will help you become familiar with types of questions you can expect, as well as the content of those questions. For example, if you plan to take a test in American Government, you will be able to learn what kinds of questions you might see on the actual test in American Government.

  • Go to the official CLEP website for in-depth information and links to resources related to individual tests

Next Steps: Meet with a faculty member or advisor, who can help you with choosing one or more CLEP tests to explore and take.

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