Academic Planning_Online Learning
Academic Planning_Online Learning
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Academic Planning_Online Learning

Academic Planning_Online Learning

Use this document to determine if online learning is right for you.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a type of learning offered via computer. You can attend classes during times established by the instructor (synchronously) or at times that work with your schedule during the semester (asynchronously). Course assignments, instructor communication and peer communication are generally available online. 

Is Online Learning For You?

If you decide to enroll in online classes, you will need to work independently, take initiative, have personal accountability, maintain diligence in your studies, and demonstrate computer literacy. You will navigate virtual learning platforms, communicate with instructors and other students, ask for help when needed, and possess a high degree of personal responsibility.

Tips for Online Learning

  • Check emails and course assignments daily.

  • Create a physical space that allows you to focus on coursework.

  • Create a schedule, block out time for your studies and stick to it!

  • Take advantage of online resources and support.

Next Steps: Review institutional profiles to learn about institutions with online learning programs or contact the college directly.

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