Academic Planning_Diverse Populations: Selecting a College
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Academic Planning_Diverse Populations: Selecting a College

Academic Planning_Diverse Populations: Selecting a College

Review this document to learn about the diverse populations and how they might influence your college selection

As you begin to explore college and university options, you may want to consider diverse populations at those you’re considering. 

What Populations are Considered Within the Area of Diversity?

Diversity often means race and ethnicity, but many colleges and universities also include sexual identity and orientation, income level, first generation status, cultural background, and gender. 

Why is Diversity Important in Selecting a College?

You may want to enroll in a college with wide-ranging diversity so you can learn from those with backgrounds that are different from your own. Diversity allows for different worldviews, allowing you to see and hear a variety of perspectives.

How To Determine Diversity Levels at Colleges You’re Exploring?

You can check websites to learn percentages of students representing various racial and ethnic groups at institutions you’re considering. Most colleges offer a “facts” page on the web that includes student body information, faculty information, and overall campus demographics. You will likely be able to determine levels of diversity from these pages.

In addition, when you explore campus organizations on websites, you will likely see groups that are welcoming to a diverse student body. One or more of these groups may have been established to reach out to students in areas such as:

     Religion                                    Gender Identity                           First Generation                         Recreation

     Racial, Ethnic, Cultural           Sexual Orientation                     Career Interests                          Other

Next Steps: Review college websites to get an understanding of the level of diversity available at each institution. Talk with admission representatives to learn more about the college’s commitment to diversity.

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