Academic Planning_Choosing a Private College
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Academic Planning_Choosing a Private College

Academic Planning_Choosing a Private College

Use this document to learn about attending a private college.

What are Private Colleges?

Private colleges--and universities--provide students with many of the same educational and recreational programs as public colleges. Many private colleges are known for their signature programs, highly esteemed faculty, and strong academic offerings. In addition, private colleges offer many advantages, including scholarship opportunities, significant personal attention, and potential lifelong benefits.

Scholarship Opportunities

Many students who attend private colleges have opportunities for scholarships, often because of the strong relationships private institutions have with their alumni. These relationships usually mean alumni are more likely to donate money so the college can construct new buildings, beautify the campus and offer financial assistance.

In addition to these opportunities, Virginia offers a Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) to Virginia residents who are full-time students at eligible private colleges. The award is based on the number of eligible students and the amount of funding appropriated by the General Assembly. If you have funding through TAG, you are not required to repay the funds, demonstrate financial need or file a financial aid application.

Personal Attention

Many private colleges are smaller institutions with smaller class sizes, so instructors and professors can focus on each student to ensure you’re successful. In addition, many private colleges aim to develop students holistically, with faculty available to mentor students personally and professionally, according to the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia. Personal attention with faculty members may also enable you to personalize your education.

Lifelong Benefits

Private college alumni have enjoyed many benefits of attendance, including:

  • Developing high ethical standards and becoming responsible individuals;

  • Building self-confidence within the holistic learning environment; and 

  • Developing close-knit relationships with other students in small settings.

Next Steps: Consult with your advisor to learn more about private college options.

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