Academic Planning_Advising Meetings for Adult/Non-Traditional Learners
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Academic Planning_Advising Meetings for Adult/Non-Traditional Learners

Academic Planning_Advising Meetings for Adult/Non-Traditional Learners

Review this document to plan your advising appointments as an adult/non-traditional learner. 

Transcripts. If you have transfer credits, bring copies of your transcripts and test scores. Carefully review them with your advisor for applicability to your program. Check with your advisor about credit for prior learning.

Degree requirements. Confirm the graduation requirements of your major, minor, and concentration area, if applicable. 

Prerequisites. Some academic programs require a specific course sequence. Discuss course prerequisites to avoid roadblocks in your educational program. 

Course combinations. Identify the types of courses you may want to take each semester. For example, you might want to consider combining a reading/writing course with science and/or math courses.  

Planning. Work with your advisor to map out courses in a sequential order, starting with the upcoming semester and ending at graduation. Ask about classes that may be offered on an irregular basis, so you can plan accordingly. Check to see if the college offers courses online or on evenings and weekends.

Graduation timeline. Once you have discussed degree requirements, determine the graduation timeline that best fits your situation. Consider your academic load, expenses, work commitments, and family or other responsibilities.

Postsecondary plans. Discuss your future career and education plans to make sure that your educational path aligns with your career aspirations.

Support services. Check to see if there are offices at the college that cater to adult/non-traditional learners. Ask about scholarships or grants that may be available to you. 

Changes. Situations change! Discuss changes and potential obstacles to your educational journey. Your advisor can help you navigate obstacles and stay on track to graduation.

Next Steps: Create your portal account. Schedule an academic advising appointment to discuss these topics and to share your progress. 

Academic Planning
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