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Program Details
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Program Details

Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Design Technology

Associate of Applied Science
New River Community College

The Engineering Design Technology curriculum is designed to prepare persons for full-time employment as qualified Engineering Design Technicians and CAD Technicians to work with engineers, as well as industries and businesses. Graduates will be capable of complex reverse engineering techniques, advanced parametric solid modeling, additive manufacturing 3D printing, producing engineering design drawings, and advanced conceptual 3D modeling.

Program Credit Requirements
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Program Requirements, Course Recommendations, and Cost to Complete features are coming Summer 2022

If you wish to see how your credits may apply, you can: If you are interested in the cost of attending this institution, please visit the institution's cost page to review costs
Program Overview & Guidance
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Program Web Page
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Delivery Mode
Delivery Mode
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Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Is This Degree Right For Me? Approximately two-thirds of the curriculum will include courses in Engineering Design Technology, reverse engineering & additive manufacturing (3D printing) with the remaining courses in realted areas, general education, and electives. Instruction will include both the theoretical concepts and practical applications with a focus on "real world" project completion that is needed for future success. Students are advised to consult with their Engineering Design Technology program head, advisor or an academic advisor to plan their program and select electives.
What Should I Consider When Selecting Courses

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing A.A.S. degree requirements should inform their academic advisors at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements.

  • Create a schedule for all required courses, pay attention to prerequisites and when courses are offered, complete your first math and English courses in your first year
  • Connect with an advisor at your community college and New River Community College within your first year via College Connect
Are there other program requirements beyond specific courses? Entry into most curriculum courses in Engineering Design Technology require that students be eligible for MTH 131.
Do More With Your Degree Upon completion of the program, the graduate will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Design Technology, a Career Studies Certificate in Engineering Design Technology and up to eight additional credentials and certifications.
Program Successes & Highlights
What If I Have An Associate Degree Or Credit For Prior Learning?
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Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Associate Transfer Degree Completion In determining transfer credit, course work applicable to the program at NRCC will be accepted if the courses were taken at another college or university accredited by a regional accrediting agency. Other course work taken at instutions which are appoved by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia may be considered on an individual basis. At least 25% of the credits for a program must be earned at NRCC.

Completion of Associate Degree Concurrent with High School
Credit for Prior Learning
Did You Know That...
  • Completing your Associate transfer degree post-high school satisfies all lower division general education requirements and increases the chance of completing your bachelor's degree?
  • Exceeding 3 years or 90 credits at your community college means you may have exhausted your financial aid at that college and have limited your future financial aid at: New River Community College
College Level Information
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Transfer Center
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Transfer Admission Application
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Transfer Student Aid
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Transfer Guidance Element What You Need to Know
Is This College Right For Me? New River Community College (NRCC) is a comprehensive community college located in the New River Valley of Virginia which includes Giles, Floyd, Montgomery, and Pulaski counties and the city of Radford. NRCC is part of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), a statewide system of community colleges. At NRCC students can prepare for the future with any of the various occupational programs or college transfer courses. With NRCC's wide selection of courses, you can explore your interests, prepare for a career, or increase your job skills. At the same time, at New River you'll find small classes and instructors who care about their students, along with a variety of services to help students, from counseling to career planning. NRCC faculty members are well known not just for their academic background, but also for their capacity to work closely and effectively with students.
Transfer Student Catalog Year Catalog year determined by first semester of attendance
Applying for Guaranteed Admissions
Where Can This Degree Transfer
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This section displays degrees most closely related to this program and to which you may be able to transfer. Please click the degree name to visit that program page.
Institution Title Degree Award Name Award Level
Northern Virginia Community CollegeEngineering Technology, A.A.S.AssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Northern Virginia Community CollegeEngineering Technology: Data Center Operations Specialization, A.A.S.AssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Rappahannock Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science in General Engineering TechologyAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
J Sargeant Reynolds Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science in Arch and Engin Tech-Contemporary Tech for Design SpecializationAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
J Sargeant Reynolds Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science in Arch and Engin Tech--Building Construction Management SpecializationAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Tidewater Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science - Industrial TechnologyAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Virginia Peninsula Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science in Computer-Aided Draft & DesignAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Tidewater Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science - Computer-Aided Drafting and Design TechnologyAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Tidewater Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science - Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology (Architectural Drafting)AssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Mountain Empire Community CollegeAssociate in Applied Science Degree in Comp-Aided Drafting/DesignAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Mountain Empire Community CollegeAssociate in Applied Science Degree in Mapping SpecializationAssociateAssociate of Applied Science2-Year
Careers Where This Degree Applies
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O*Net Code Name Description Parent
17-3011.00Architectural and Civil DraftersPrepare detailed drawings of architectural and structural features of buildings or drawings and topographical relief maps used in civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, and public works. Use knowledge of building materials, engineering practices, and mathematics to complete drawings.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3019.00Drafters, All OtherAll drafters not listed separately.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3012.00Electrical and Electronics DraftersPrepare wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, and layout drawings used for the manufacture, installation, or repair of electrical equipment.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3013.00Mechanical DraftersPrepare detailed working diagrams of machinery and mechanical devices, including dimensions, fastening methods, and other engineering information.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3021.00Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technologists and TechniciansOperate, install, adjust, and maintain integrated computer/communications systems, consoles, simulators, and other data acquisition, test, and measurement instruments and equipment, which are used to launch, track, position, and evaluate air and space vehicles. May record and interpret test data.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3022.00Civil Engineering Technologists and TechniciansApply theory and principles of civil engineering in planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of structures and facilities under the direction of engineering staff or physical scientists.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3023.00Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologists and TechniciansApply electrical and electronic theory and related knowledge, usually under the direction of engineering staff, to design, build, repair, adjust, and modify electrical components, circuitry, controls, and machinery for subsequent evaluation and use by engineering staff in making engineering design decisions.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3024.00Electro-Mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and TechniciansOperate, test, maintain, or adjust unmanned, automated, servomechanical, or electromechanical equipment. May operate unmanned submarines, aircraft, or other equipment to observe or record visual information at sites such as oil rigs, crop fields, buildings, or for similar infrastructure, deep ocean exploration, or hazardous waste removal. May assist engineers in testing and designing robotics equipment.Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-3024.01Robotics TechniciansBuild, install, test, or maintain robotic equipment or related automated production systems.Architecture and Engineering Occupations